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Sign Up and Earn 20,000 Bonus Points

Valid from: 2019-10-30 — 2020-02-29
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Cobblestone Rewards Visa Signature® Card
Sign Up and Earn 20,000 Bonus Points1

Reach Rewards Quicker2 with the Cobblestone Rewards Visa Signature Card

Enjoy your next Award Night in half the time simply by spending like you normally do on shopping, dining, gas or groceries with the new Cobblestone Rewards Visa Signature Card. Here's how it works:
  • Earn 5 Points per $1 at Cobblestone Rewards participating Hotels3
  • Earn 1 Point per $1 everywhere else VISA is accepted
  • Plus, you'll receive an additional 50% bonus on purchases at Cobblestone Rewards Participating Hotels if you spend over $10,000 per year.

No Annual Fee!

Additional Cardholder Benefits

  • Online E-Statements
  • View your FICO® Score for free on your monthly credit card statement4
  • Access to toggle® – a free and flexible payment feature that lets you manage your spending like a debit card, with the rewards of a credit card
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Terms & Conditions

  1. See for full Terms and Conditions of the VOILÁ Hotel Rewards program, including Cobblestone participating hotels. Restrictions may apply to the use of points. In order to qualify for a free VOILÁ Award Night, you must have at least one (1) Eligible Stay at a Cobblestone participating hotel in the past 24 months credited to your VOILÁ account to be eligible to redeem an Award Night. Terms and Conditions of the VOILÁ Hotel Rewards program may be modified and services may be added or deleted at any time without notice to the cardholder. Commerce Bank is not responsible for fulfillment of the VOILÁ Hotel Rewards member points. Cardholders earn five (5) points per $1 of Net Merchandise Purchases at VOILÁ Hotel Rewards participating properties and one (1) point per dollar of Net Merchandise Purchases everywhere else Visa is accepted. Cardholders earn an additional 50% bonus (2.5 points) per $1 at VOILÁ Hotel Rewards participating properties when you make at least $10,000 in Net Merchandise Purchases per year. Spend is calculated on the 12 months prior to each annual anniversary of the cardholders account opening date. Points awarded through the use of the authorized user’s credit card will only be credited to the primary cardholder’s account. Please allow 30 business days for points to post to your VOILÁ Hotel Rewards account.
  2. Subject to credit approval. Within 90 days of account opening of your new Cobblestone Hotel Rewards Visa Signature® credit card, approved applicants must use the card to make a $1,000 in Net Merchandise Purchases to receive the 20,000 bonus points. “Net Merchandise Purchases” means purchases of merchandise or services on the Account, less any returned merchandise credits or service credits posted to the Account. Net Merchandise Purchases does not include Cash Advances, Balance or associated fees, money transfers or other fees, gaming chips, or fees or premiums for coverage or insurance to protect the balances of an Account holder’s Account. Questions concerning eligible transactions and what constitutes Net Merchandise Purchases will be determined in the sole discretion of Commerce. VOILÁ will be notified of your account opening and when you qualify for the bonus points. VOILÁ is responsible for fulfillment. Please allow up to 30 business days to receive your bonus points. Offer subject to change without notice. Limit one (1) 20,000 point bonus per VOILÁ Hotel Rewards membership account.
  3. “Cobblestone Participating Hotels” are hotel brands currently participating in the VOILÁ Hotel Rewards program. Please note that hotels self-select the category in which transactions will be listed and hotel identification information may change without notice, therefore transactions may not be counted in the category you might expect.
  4. Certain terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions apply. All costs for goods or services purchased are the responsibility of the cardholder.
  5. Customer must notify Commerce Bank within 60 days of receiving the first statement with unauthorized activity. For specific restrictions, limitations and other details, please consult Commerce Bank.
  6. FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and other countries.