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Exchange and enjoy all the benefits to fly farther and farther with airline partner Smiles or to purchase products and services available in the Shopping Smiles.
Today the Smiles Program is one of the largest coalition programs in Brazil with over 9 million participants and more than 150 air and non-air partners. Since January 2013, the company Smiles S.A. is an independent business unit, created specifically to manage, administer and operate exclusively the Smiles Program. Thus, in addition to being an important relationship tool for GOL customers, the Smiles Program is expanding and now has new partners in various sectors, enabling the participant to earn and redeem miles for airline tickets and also services and products.
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Valid from: 2013-07-24 - 2018-07-31

Get More For Your Points

Redeem VOILÀ points with Multiplus Fidelidade

Members can now exchange the points they’ve earned with over 160 partners within the Multiplus Fidelidade network, including TAM airlines, travel agencies, banks, hotels, car rental companies, gas stations, bookstores, pharmacies, telephone, TV and internet companies, and many others. VOILÀ members may redeem 7 VOILÀ points for each Multiplus point. Simply follow these steps:
1. Visit $DATASOURCE.BRAND.URL and select “Redeem Now”
2. Sign in to your VOILÀ account
3. Select “Multiplus Fidelidade” from the list of redemption partners
4. Follow the exchange process to exchange VOILÀ points for Multiplus Fidelidade points
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Valid from: 2011-09-21 - 2019-09-12
Promotions by type: Redeem | Earn Points | All Promotions